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Amusement Park River Rapids Collars   

CPI Amusement offers bumper collars for a six, eight, nine - or twelve-person river rapids ride. Our bumper collars are manufactured in the USA and are constructed using a layer of 3/16 inch neoprene rubber, reinforced with 13-ounce ballistic nylon. The neoprene rubber is an 80-durometer compound.  

This durable composite makes up the outer hull of the bumper and offers abrasion, puncture and impact resistance for the bladder system contained within.

Our air-retention system utilizes six, eight, or twelve removable polyurethane bladders which can be removed, repaired and replaced in minutes for minimal downtime. All collars come with a spare bladder and repair kit. Additional replacement bladders are available. 
All air valves are recessed for added protection. Stainless steel "D" rings connect the bumper collar to the fiberglass hull of your river raft vehicle.

CPI Amusement manufactures and is able to repair all of its bumper collars in our state-of-art facilities in the United States.


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