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Rocket Blaster Rafts

CPI Rocket Blaster rafts are designed for Proslide water coaster Rocket Blaster ride and accommodate up to four passengers.

Our Rocket Blaster rafts offer superior design and construction to provide durability and comfort. A wraparound floor system means there is no seam on the bottom of the raft to catch on the slide or conveyor system.  The rafts also include accelerator cups between the top and bottom tube to help propel the raft uphill.

Closed-cell foam is used in the floor construction for added comfort

CPI rafts feature strap handles, high back close cell foam seat backs dividers and wear pads for extra wear material in the critical wear location to extend the life of the raft.  

Specifications: Rocket Blaster Rafts
Tube Construction: PVC coated rip-stop polyester 1000 den fabric; weight: 32oz

Floor: 40oz Evaloy material
Features: Strap handles, high back seat divided, no-seams on bottom wrap around floor, replaceable urethane wear pads on bottom stress points
Three person 36” wide 115” long, Four person      36” wide 128” long
Capacity: Three or Four passengers

Weight: Approximately 95 pounds

*The closed-cell foam used in the floors of our tubes and rafts has zero shock absorption properties and does not serve any safety purpose

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