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CPI Amusement bumper boat inflatables tube

Bumper Boat Tubes


One of our company's best-selling products and it’s not hard to see why - very durable and made from the strongest materials on the market. We’ve captured the hearts and minds of our customers. CPI Amusement bumper boat tubes are constructed with specially formulated, high quality, rip-stop fabric. Heat-welded tape is used on the inside and outside of seams to prevent low-pressure leakage. Our custom bumper tubes are available in a variety of sizes and colors to fit various size hulls.

Tube Construction


Fabric Weight: 

Standard Features:

Urethane/PVC Coated Rip-Stop Polyester

1000 Den Fabric


Heat welded inside and outside seam

Recessed air valve

Tube Specs

Standard OD:

Standard ID:


Rider Capacity:

Sizes customized to fit your boats

Sizes customized to fit your boats

20 lbs

1 passenger

Rafts may be customized to fit your requirements - Custom colors available

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