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Air Collars

CPI Marine Air Collars are made of urethane-coated nylon fabric. They are heat-welded, have double-taped seams and use solid PVC rope in the bolt rope strip. Attachment flaps with different rope diameters or without rope are available. They are available in the standard colors of gray, orange, black, red & yellow by special order, and custom colors are available in large quantity orders.

CPI Marine Red RIB collar on Towboat US boat
Baffle or Bladders?

CPI Marine is the only RIB collar manufacturer offering removable air bladders as an alternative to traditional designs that use multiple air chambers separated by internal baffles. With our patented air bladder system, each chamber has its own removable, repairable and replaceable air bladder (similar to an inner tube in a car or truck tire). The bladders are made from a urethane film material for optimum durability. The bladder design allows for quick, easy and inexpensive repairs in case of a puncture to the outer tube. The bladder can be deflated and extracted from the tube and replaced by a new one in less than half an hour - without pulling the boat out of the water. 

Our traditional baffled tube collars can be retrofitted with bladders in the future, in the event of a puncture or damage to one or more of the internal air chambers. 

Air Collar with Removable Bladder Specs


  • 40 oz/sq yd urethane-coated polyester fabric

  • Seams are heat welded with color-matching seam tape applied

  • Heavy grade extruded PVC rub strake 8 or 16 inch

  • Outfitted with stainless steel D-Rings

  • Standard boat rope strips for attaching the collar to the boat

  • Custom attachments can be substituted

Removable Inflatable Air Bladders

  • Each chamber has it's own removable, repairable and replaceable air bladder with an air valve assembly containing fill valve and PRV

  • Bladders are constructed of urethane film and can be replaced in minutes thereby reducing down time

  • All collars are supplied with a repair kit

  • Repair kit contains all tools needed to remove, repair, and replace bladders

  • All seams on the bladders are heat welded

1098 Windy Hill Road
Kyle, TX 78640
(512) 295-2683
(512) 295-2245

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