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P-Ayr Products replica engine sponsored car
About P-AYR

P-AYR Products is the leading manufacturer of plastic replica engines. Our plastic products have been used in the automotive and racing industry for over 20 years. Our company has designed and built these products for all types of purposes and applications.        P-AYR's ability to produce top quality products that can be tailored to fit your needs makes us the leader in the industry! P-AYR Products has the capability to supply parts to everyone from the largest parts houses to the single shade tree mechanic. We manufacture these lightweight replicas to suit your needs and make it easier to do your own fabrication. The lightweight components are easier to handle and equal savings not only on your wallet, but on your back as well!

Made by one of the foremost plastics & rubber manufacturers of inflatables and plastic molded products, these products have a long history of durability and ease of use.  

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